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Vance & Blair was formed in 1990. Our founders, Tom Vance and Rod Blair have over 65 years of collective civil law experience. With offices in Irvine and North San Diego County we are ideally positioned to provide litigation, transactional and advisory services to our clients throughout Southern California and beyond. Our clients include international manufacturing companies, mid-size and small firms and businesses as well as individuals and families. We continue to represent clients in various industries and professions, including banking, manufacturing, retail, insurance, energy, construction, real estate and legal.

At Vance & Blair your needs come first. We are extremely accessible to our client base. We promptly respond to your phone and email contacts and you will deal with the attorney with whom your relationship at the firm has been established. When practical circumstances dictate, our counsel may suggest minimal legal action to reduce attorney’s fees and maximize our client’s bottom line.

We look forward to working with you.